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Rebound Headache

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Rebound Headaches in Lakewood

Experts have claimed that as many as 60% of chronic headaches are drug-induced. It's quite ironic that the abuse or frequent use of medications used to relieve the symptoms of a headache can actually end up perpetuating the headache or cause new headaches. In addition, physical dependency and organ damage are also extremely common complications associated with chronic analgesic usage.

Drug-induced headaches are usually dull, diffuse and non-throbbing affecting both sides of the head. They are frequently present first thing in the morning and persist throughout the day.

What is a Rebound Headache?

A rebound headache is when a migraine (or other severe headache) spins off into another headache as a result of medication overuse. It is basically the original headache, which is only temporarily masked by all the drugs. When the body is finally clear of all the medications, the headache pain returns or rebounds.

Sometimes the rebound is a migraine or a continuation of the previous migraine. In other cases it is a blindingly painful new headache in its own right. The new headache is excruciatingly painful but without the additional symptoms, like nausea and photo sensitivity, that often accompany migraines.

Who is affected by analgesic-induced chronic daily headaches?

Any patient with a history of tension-type headaches, migraines, or transformed migraines can be affected by rebound headaches if he or she overuses certain medications. Some patients, although they are few in number, can quickly develop rebound headaches by overusing analgesics, even without having knowingly been a headache sufferer.

While all are really painful, chronic headaches should be discussed with a doctor, there are a number of indicators that someone is probably suffering from medication overuse headaches. These include:

  • daily or every other day headaches
  • medications no longer provide the relief they used to
  • prophylactic medication use

Seeing a chiropractor can possibly stop the cycle of rebound migraines by reducing or eliminating the need for pain medication.

Are you or a loved one suffering with headaches? Call Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood for a consultation. 720-493-5885.

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