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Recovery from Whiplash

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Mild whiplash injuries treated correctly usually heal within six to nine months. However, 20% of victims will still be suffering pain, weakness or restricted movement two years after their accident, and it is likely that some degree of disability or pain will afflict theses people for many years more, if not for life.

Whiplash injuries need to be treated by specially trained professionals who know and understand the condition. The most effective treatment combines chiropractic care with rehabilitation of the soft tissues, and a self-care routine.

Chiropractic Care in Lakewood

Chiropractic care involves the manual manipulation of the spine to restore normal movement and position to the vertebrae. This is the most important and effective treatment to ensure that whiplash damage is minimized. Dr. Jason Jumper may also use trigger point therapy, massage therapy, exercise rehabilitation, Active Release Tehnique, Pettibon, Chiropractic Biophysics and other soft tissue rehabilitation treatments.

Soft Tissue Rehabilitation in Lakewood

‘Soft tissue’ refers to anything in the body that’s not bone, so that includes muscles, ligaments, tendons, nervous system, spinal discs and internal organs. It is these soft tissues that are damaged most by whiplash, with the muscles, ligaments and discs taking the majority of the impact. Unless the correct therapies are used to stimulate healing, the result may be permanent impairment and disability. Treatments include trigger point therapy, massage therapy, electro-stimulation, stretching, and specific exercises to boost strength and range-of-motion.

Home Care in Lakewood

How you behave outside the chiropractor’s office will significantly enhance or detract from the treatment given inside it. Your daily home and work routines you do in Lakewood must be guided by your recovery plan, so that the treatment sessions have maximum benefit. You should: apply ice packs, carefully limit daily activities, stretch, exercise, supplement nutritionally, and get plenty of rest.

Medical Intervention in Lakewood

Severe whiplash may require the input of a physician to complement your overall treatment. This may mean anti-inflammatory medications, muscle relaxants, trigger point injections, or even epidural spinal injections. The point of these is short-term pain relief; they are not intended as curative or long-term options. No drug will restore normal joint movement or stimulate muscle repair. Surgery may be necessary for a badly herniated disc, when a disc is impinging on the spinal cord, and in some cases of spine fractures.

See health disclaimer.

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