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Medical Research on Children and Chiropractic

“Interference to the nervous system results in permanent damage in a short period of time and therefore, Chiropractic care should begin at birth.” Dr. Arpad De Nagy, Rockefellar Institute

Studies at the University of Colorado have proven that a ½ inch hip pull misalignment causes at least 3 major stress areas (subluxations) in the spine. Stress areas where, within 20 minutes, nerve activity is negatively altered by more than 60%.

The organs and body parts supplied by these damaged nerves are severely affected.

1) If these stress areas (subluxations) are not corrected early “when they are caused shortly after birth,” the subluxations will be difficult if not impossible to correct later.

2) Subluxations can reduce nerve impulses by 60%.

Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome In infants and Children

Blocked nerve impulses at the atlas (the first bone in the neck) may cause many clinical features from central motor impairment to lower resistance-especially ear, nose and throat infections. Gutmann reports examination and adjustments of more than 1,000 infants with atlas blockage or subluxations.

Symptoms presented were restlessness, trouble concentrating, initiative and the ability to learn, delayed and slow speech patterns, fevers, neck aches, digestion problems and swift exhaustibility.

From his and other German medical studies Gutmann concludes that approximately 80% of all children are subluxated (not in autonomic balance.) He has been “constantly amazed how, with the lightest adjustment with the index finger, the clinical picture normalizes, sometimes gradually, but often immediately.

Gutmann is a prominent specialist in manual medicine from Bas Sassendorf, West Germany.

Toepel writes, “We know that 30% of all children 12 years of age seen in the orthopedic out-patient department of the University of Pennsylvania had poor posture.

Children are affected by all the causes of subluxations as quoted from DR’s Reikman and Flesia, remembering that falls, accidents, jars, slips, jerks and jolts are an everyday happening in the life of the average child. Micro and macro trauma can result in neural imbalances through subluxation. In conclusion, Chiropractic is necessary for the continued good health of the child.

“Cases were presented in which symptoms of appendicitis, gall-bladder, colic or other visceral disease were relieved by correction of the spinal curvature.” Dr. Neville T. Ussher, M.D.

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