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Adult Scoliosis Treatment

See health disclaimer.

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Reduce pain - take your life back

Improve range of motion - have fewer limitations

Get long-lasting spine stability

What the Scoliosis Program Is...

  • Designed to help adult patients suffering from chronic scoliosis-related back, shoulder, or hip pain
  • A program of rapid pain reduction and functional improvement to empower adult patients with a long history of scoliosis
  • A patient centered and specialized scoliosis rehabilitation approach to scoliosis treatment
  • A comprehensive program for scoliosis.
  • The Scoliosis program is NOT dangerous or risky and is available for adult patients who are skeletally mature, whether they are in college or putting their children through college.

The Goals of the Lakewood Scoliosis Program Are...

  • To provide rapid pain relief and functional improvement
  • To create a lifestyle habit for continued improvement and stability
  • To prevent age and hormone-related declines in bone density and strength
  • To stabilize your scoliotic curve

How Does the Scoliosis Program Work?

  • Provide the right tools, specific equipment and training for your scoliosis
  • Design a treatment program that addresses all aspects of the adult scoliosis deformity, as well as its consequences.
  • Use expert skill and experience gently, providing fast pain relief and improved physical function.
  • Develop a long-term scoliosis lifestyle plan to further stabilize your spine by using a scoliosis exercise system incorporating specialized 3-Dimensional mirror image exercises in combination with neuro-muscular support to prevent postural collapse, further degenerative changes, and curve progression.

Lakewood Chiropractor Providing Solutions For Patients Who Wish To:

  • Improve cosmetic appearance
  • Reduce pain
  • Improve breathing and function levels
  • Avoid the need for endless pain management interventions

Lakewood Scoliosis Therapies

There are many potential therapies patients may use when participating in the Scoliosis program at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood.

Dr. Jumper at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood will create a fully customized treatment program that will best suit your individual needs, depending upon several factors. These programs may include:

  • Scoliosis canti-LEVER exercises
  • Scoli-Denneroll
  • Automatic Response Training exercises
  • Neurotransmitter evaluation
  • Scoliosis specific isometric exercises
  • External head, shoulder, and hip postural weighting activities
  • Proprioceptive balancing tasks

No Surgery, No Drugs, No Pain
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Customer Review

"Improved both my lumbar and thoracic curve by 10 degrees each. Along with that, he has also fixed my forward head syndrome by 50%."

Ariana S.

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See health disclaimer.

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