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Pettibon Manipulative Procedures

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Pettibon Treatment in Lakewood, Colorado

The Pettibon System is a popular chiropractic method that involves a variety of manipulative techniques. These manipulations are performed under the skilled hands of a chiropractor or using mechanical instruments. Many rehabilitative exercises fall outside traditional physiotherapeutic techniques.

Individual Pettibon manipulative procedures vary between patients. Treatments are customized and designed based on the unique needs of your spine. A typical Pettibon patient will undergo a combination of manipulation procedures and rehabilitation exercises. Studies have shown this combination outperforms either treatment performed alone when achieving various clinical outcomes.

In traditional chiropractic care, the goal of treatment is to correct misalignments within the spinal column.

In the Pettibon System, meanwhile, spinal manipulation works in a slightly different way: a chiropractor will manipulate the spine in order to temporarily increase joint mobility. This, in turn, makes it easier for the patient to perform rehabilitation exercises. Patients are able to exercise an increased range of motion. In other words, the Pettibon manipulation isn’t the corrective procedure for the spine; instead, it’s the procedure that prepares the spine for the correct procedure – the rehabilitation exercise.

One of the reasons why the Pettibon System is successful is because the human spine naturally reacts in the opposite direction to certain manipulative procedures. When the spine experiences sudden mechanical forces, for example, the paravertebral soft tissue is stretched, creating intrinsic dynamic and static stretch reflexes in the paraspinal muscles. These reflexes create a reflex contraction of the stretched muscle, forcing the muscle to contract until restored to its initial resting length. This is why spinal manipulation – when performed alone – cannot address or counteract the reflex properties of the spine. It needs to be performed in conjunction with rehabilitation exercises. That’s how the Pettibon System works.

The Pettibon System views your spine as a functional entity with six specific units, with units divided by their muscular attachments. Individual vertebrae can move independently, but they don’t move independently within a functional confine. That’s why Pettibon System manipulative procedures are designed to mobilize an entire region of vertebral segments – not just a specific vertebrate.

A skilled chiropractic can perform Pettibon treatments by hand. The chiropractor will use distraction and accumulative type manipulative procedures. That means force applied in the distraction procedures is vectored more up and down, allowing vertically-oriented soft tissue to adapt more effectively to the forces with reduced chance of injury.

Dr. Jason Jumper and the team at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood, CO specialize in Pettibon System techniques. Schedule your free consultation for Pettibon manipulative procedures today by calling 720-493-5885.

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