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The Impact of Scoliosis

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The Impact of Scoliosis-Lakewood

Scoliosis affects a minimum of 4% of the world’s overall population.

The effects of scoliosis include:

• Reduced life expectancy

• Stunted height growth and decreased pulmonary functions

• Headaches, shortness of breath, digestive problems, chronic disease, and hip, knee and leg pain.

If you’ve researched some of the available alternatives, you may have realized the typically suggested mainstream options are either painfully invasive, lacking in results, or both. You may be wondering if the only viable choice is to be a victim of what scoliosis will continue to do to the human body.

Surgery as a Treatment

Patients for whom bracing fails to prevent the progression of their scoliosis are often left with only one option- surgery. Those who are confronted with this choice may be told that having a metal rod fused to their spine will not impair their daily activities, but will reduce the rib arch & improve their cosmetic appearance. However, research has consistently shown that surgery - which primarily focuses upon the sideways bending, and does little to address the rotation of the spine (and hence the rib protrusion) - will actually cause the rib arch to worsen. Furthermore, the theory that un-fused regions of the spine become more mobile to compensate for the lack of motion at fused regions is completely incorrect. The rate of internal hardware failure is also virtually 100%. It may occur immediately after the surgery or several years later, but one or more components of the rod placed inside the body is highly likely to fail or break.

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