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Cervicogenic Headaches

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Renew Chiropractic: Headache relief in Lakewood, Arvada, Golden, Wheat Ridge, Littleton & Denver

Neck Pain

Cervicogenic Headaches in Lakewood

The main distinction between the symptoms associated with cervicogenic headaches and those associated with migraine headaches are a lack of nausea, vomiting, aura (pre-headache warning that a headache is about to strike), light and noise sensitivity, increased tearing with red eyes, one sided head, neck, shoulder and/or arm pain, and dizziness. The items listed above are primarily found in migraine headache sufferers. The following is a list of clinical characteristics common in those individuals in Lakewood struggling with cervicogenic headaches:

  • Unilateral (one-sided) head or face pain (rarely is it on both sides).
  • Pain is localized or stays in one spot, usually the back of the head, frontal, temporal (side) or orbital (eye) regions.
  • Moderate to severe pain intensity.
  • Intermittent attacks of pain that last hours to days.
  • Pain is usually deep, non-throbbing, unless migraines occur at the same time.
  • Head pain is triggered by neck movement, sustained awkward head postures, applying deep pressure to the base of the skull or upper neck region, and/or taking a deep breath, cough or sneeze can trigger head pain.
  • Limited neck motion with stiffness.
  • Infrequently, the cervicogenic headache sufferer in Lakewood can present with migraines at the same time and have both presentations making it more challenging to diagnose.

The cause of cervicogenic headaches can be obvious such as trauma (sports injury, whiplash, slip and fall), or not so obvious, like posture. A forward head posture(F.H.P.) can increase the relative weight applied to the back of the neck and upper back as much as 2x-4x normal. In summary, the upper 3 nerves innervate the head and any pressure on those upper 3 nerves can result in a cervicogenic headache. Dr. Jason Jumper at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood is trained to examine, identify, and treat these types of potentially debilitating headaches.

The Effect of Spinal Manipulation on Cervicogenic Headaches

In this study, researchers set out to determine the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in the treatment of cervicogenic headaches (headaches caused by disorders within the cervical spine). 53 patients were placed into one of two groups which received either,

1 chiropractic spinal manipulation 2X/week for 3 weeks, or,

2 deep friction massage in the upper back and neck region 2X/week for 3 weeks.

After the 6 weeks researchers found that those receiving the chiropractic spinal manipulation:

1 decreased their use of analgesics by 36%, compared with 0% in the no-spinal manipulation group

2 decreased their number of hours they experienced headaches during the day by 69%, compared with 37% in the no-spinal manipulation group

3 decreased their headache intensity per episode by 36%, compared with 17% in the no-spinal manipulation group.

What can a chiropractor in Lakewood do for Cervicogenic Headaches?

Dr. Jumper at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood has had considerable success relieving the cause of headache pain and releasing headache sufferers in Lakewood from the dangerous vicious circle of taking ever-larger doses of ever-stronger painkillers that may even be causing new and worse headaches.

Chiropractic Biophysics adjustments (CBP) and 3-dimensional mirror image exercises have shown to be as effective and even more effective than medications in reducing the severity and frequency of headaches. Dr. Jason Jumper at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood is particularly successful dealing with cervicogenic headache. Even though cervicogenic and other tension-type headaches may not actually involve stress or muscle tension, Dr. Jason Jumper’s ability to adjust spinal abnormalities, Forward Head Posture, seems to lessen or remove the nerve interference contributing too many individuals in Lakewood with headache pain.

Get headache relief and improve other symptoms

If you are looking for headache relief in Lakewood, CO, you probably know the most obvious symptom-pain. But did you know a spinal misalignment in the neck can lead to:

  • Neck pain
  • Numbness in the hands
  • Pinched nerves
  • Muscle spasms
  • Damaged discs
  • Thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Jaw problems
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Low back pain
  • Muscle strain

Looking for Headache Relief in Lakewood? Call Dr. Jason Jumper at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood, CO for a FREE Consultation: 720-493-5885.

Customer Review

"5 visits later I don't get headaches or migraines anymore."

For many years I suffered from extreme migraines and headaches (darn sports injuries). Id get them at least 2-3 times a week and it got so bad id pass out from the pain. I began seeing Dr. Jumper in August and 5 visits later I don't get headaches or migraines anymore. I was skeptical at first but the friendly atmosphere and wonderful service made the experience better. I highly recommend him to everyone.


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