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Carpal Tunnel and Double Crush Syndrome

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Carpal Tunnel Treatment at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is an over diagnosed and often misdiagnosed condition. Research has indicated that surgery or wrist supports for carpal tunnel syndrome are not very effective when additional compression of the nerves is occurring in either the shoulder or neck. In order to treat a condition you must find the root cause. For people in Lakewood with CTS like symptoms, the root is often at the nerve root in the neck.


When a nerve is compressed only a little bit there are sometimes no symptoms that you notice. However, when you compress a nerve a little bit in multiple locations the results don’t just add up they can multiply. This is termed Double Crush Syndrome (DCS). For the nerves in our arms this means if you have a little neck problem and a little shoulder problem, then that minuscule problem at the wrist may be exaggerated. The nerves to our hands run a gambit. They come out from the neck joints, travel through the often tight scalene muscles, between the collarbone and the first rib, through the armpit, down the arm and through the carpal tunnel. At all of these choke points nerves can be compressed. It is therefore very important to find where the cause or causes of the injury are to determine whether you truly do have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or if it’s a Double Crush Syndrome. Especially before you have your wrists cut open.

The standard of care for carpal tunnel treatment is, conservative care first. Chiropractic is conservative care, and Dr. Jumper is trained in diagnosis and treatment of percisely these neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Jumper at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood will usually treat these symptoms by Fascial Manipulation, manual therapy to the wrist, elbow and neck, Chirometrex exercises, Active Release Technique and work station set ups.

Regardless of the source of your issues with carpal tunnel, chiropractic care may work to alleviate your symptoms and help you regain functionality. If you suspect that you have carpal tunnel syndrome or need treatment for a previously diagnosed case, don't suffer alone: Instead, come to Renew Chiropractic with Dr. Jason Jumper in Lakewood for help. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment. 720-493-5885.

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