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Dr. Jumper has been very helpful in my recovery after a car accident. -David

09/05/14 *Individual Result May Vary
I have been having a lot of trouble with my lower back and sciatica. After one visit with Dr Jumper I have answers and a diagnosis. I was so impressed with Dr Jumper that I will continue seeing him. Things feel so much better so quickly !! -Burk

08/05/14 *Individual Result May Vary
Dr. Jason Jumper has helped me so much over the years, to correct long-held posture issues and keep me in tip-top shape, so my body functions at its highest capacity. He is honest and genuinely cares for his clients. Dr. Jumper tailors his treatment specifically for each patient, and treats them in a holistic manner, to treat and correct a wide variety of health issues. I recommend Dr. Jumper and Renew Chiropractic without reservation. -Thomas

28/04/14 *Individual Result May Vary
I was in a car accident and Dr. Jumper has been helping me with the pain ever since. He and his staff are polite, friendly, and they really know what they're doing. -Clay

28/04/14 *Individual Result May Vary
Dr jumper is the best he is very knowlegable and show and tells you why he is doing what he does i've felt much better all around since seeing him. if you are thinking about comeing in to see him you just should do it. -Dominique

21/04/14 *Individual Result May Vary
I had extreme low back and could barley walk. I walked in Dr. Jumper's clinic and walked out of his clinic with hardly any pain. If you have back pain go see him. He is awesome!! -Troy

16/04/14 *Individual Result May Vary
I was in a car accident in September'06. I have been through medical docs who just wanted to feed me pain meds. So, I went to Chiros that are basically treating for symptom relief. My visits were 10mins max & I was never ever 100%. After 6yrs of that I considered cortisone shots & surgery as the medical doctor suggested. Then I met Dr. Jumper. He was the 1st doc to EVER Xray me & found I have scoliosis. I have seen Dr. Jumper for over a month now & my life has improved. I am not in any more pain, not fatigued, no headaches, my TMJ is almost gone (a dentist will charge $3k to crack your jaw-don't do it!), hearing has improved, & I am educated now. Dr. Jumper educates you & is motivational. He is your traditional wellness chiropractor. I have never felt so cared for before until I have been under his care. I do not think most of your symptom relief chiros would care about your hearing or the other neurological issues & Dr. Jumper does. I am blessed to have met him & be under his care. -Sherri

25/07/13 *Individual Result May Vary
What a great experience. A lot of chiropractors out there but Dr. Jumper tops them all. His expertise was impressive and the way he worked with my daughter was very professional and non-intimidating as it was her first adjustment. Great Dr.! Jim

12/11/10 *Individual Result May Vary
Dr. Jumper has a far superior understanding of the spine & posture than I had ever seen from any other chiropractor or doctor.He uses technics and equipment I did not see at other chiropractors.He is passionate about his job and helping people.He fixed my scoliosis!!!! -Fred

BACK PAIN, IRRITABLE BOWELS *Individual Result May Vary

I had constant bouts with low back pain, and irritable/uncooperative bowels. I also experienced sharp pain in my bladder for unknown reasons, and began to fear prostate problems. My arms and toes would tingle. Knee pain, wrist pain, pain during urination and pain in my abdomen were all common ailments. All of these problems have been eliminated thanks to Chiropractic.
~ David

I was experiencing chronic headaches, sinus problems, allergies and low back pain. About ten years ago I also began to experience anxiety and depression. I could barely walk without agonizing pain and my headaches had taken up residence on a 24/7 basis. Sleep, well sleep was something I had long given up on. Then I started Chiropractic care. A series of x-rays helped the doctor to ascertain my problems. After three adjustments, my neck and shoulders were pain free. I began to sleep soundly. My thinking became clearer. I have more energy. I'm back at exercising and walking and no more sinus or allergy problems. Today, I feel great! Chiropractic care works; my before and after X-rays prove it.
~ Denise
NECK PAIN, NUMBNESS, TINGLING *Individual Result May Vary
I was experiencing neck pain, low back pain, and numbness and tingling in my arms, hands and legs. The x-ray on the left shows the shift in my neck and lower back. This puts undue pressure on the discs, joints, and nerves in the spine. The x-ray on the right shows the total correction of these problems through Chiropractic care. Best of all, this correction was accomplished without drugs or surgery!
~ Mike
*Individual Result May Vary

*Individual Result May Vary

See health disclaimer.

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