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Pettibon Conclusions

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Pettibon Treatment in Lakewood


The Pettibon System is a conservative treatment approach based upon basic anatomical and physiological processes to correct the structure of the spine. There is little doubt, according to the literature, that postural and spinal problems play a major role in the United States, with a large portion of health care spending devoted to musculoskeletal treatment annually.6 Therefore, it is appropriate to evaluate both the clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness of any treatment option. Future studies should also compare the cost of treatment for The Pettibon System to other treatments using the same outcome measures.

The advantages of The Pettibon System over other postural treatment methods center on the utilization of neurophysiology to correct and maintain postural control. Since posture is under a well-developed network of reflexes, any system recruiting these postural reflexes to aid in spine and posture correction inevitably addresses more than just the mechanical components. The effects of The Pettibon System on other physiological systems are currently being explored. Randomized clinical outcome trials are also being designed and conducted. CALL 720-493-5885.

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