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Pettibon Rehabilitation Procedure

The Pettibon System uses unique strategies to realign the spine. The Pettibon System is best known for its use of manipulative care combined with rehabilitation techniques. The most popular rehabilitation technique is the Pettibon Weighting System.

The Pettibon Weighting System consists of a series of physical weights strapped onto different parts of the body. The weights are precisely placed to realign the center of mass of the head, waist, and pelvis using head, shoulder, and hip weights. The chiropractor will place different weights at different areas of the body according to the unique needs of the patient.

The spine, by default, will distribute your body weight evenly around the vertical axis of gravity. By placing asymmetrical weights on the body, we can force the postural reflexes and spine to adapt to the change in weight distribution, re-orienting this added weight around the vertical axis.

The unique weighting system used in the Pettibon System is considered a type of “isometric demand exercise” because the weighting system retrains and strengthens weaknesses in the postural muscles. Patients vary widely in terms of height, weight, shape, muscle strength, and medical, history, which is why the same treatment cannot be applied to two different patients. The same abnormal posture in two different patients will not be associated with the same muscle weaknesses.

To customize the Pettibon Weighting System for each patient, patients may undergo radiographic analysis while wearing the weights. Using radiographic analysis, the chiropractor can ensure the weights are interacting with the musculoskeletal system as intended.

Pettibon rehabilitation procedures also target the biomechanical properties of soft tissue. Many Pettibon System procedures are designed to decrease “hysteresis” in soft tissues. Hysteresis is a force consisting of the stored energy in viscoelastic tissues, including muscles, ligaments, and discs. This stored energy is depleted when these tissues experience progressive loading and unloading over time. It’s an overall weakening of the elastic strength within your body. To address this issue, a Pettibon practitioner may use proven techniques like the Wobble Chair and the Pettibon Repetitive Cervical Traction. These exercises are performed at the beginning of a patient appointment to prepare the patient for more manipulative techniques. They prepare the patient’s body for more manipulative forces. After this preparation is complete, the patient may wear the Pettibon Weighting System. At this point, the weights are more effective because the soft tissue is less resistant.

One final type of rehabilitation procedure used in the Pettibon System is an isometric exercise designed to rehabilitate normal spinal alignment. This treatment is typically performed using the Pettibon Linked Exercise Trainer. Using this device, a skilled chiropractor can change the functional origin and insertion of the muscle. The Pettibon Linked Exercise Trainer looks like a modified chair. It can be used to stretch and strengthen postural muscles and increase endurance. Under the guidance of a skilled chiropractor, the Pettibon Linked Exercise Trainer can be used to exercise muscles throughout the body to treat various types of conditions.

Ultimately, the Pettibon System uses a variety of rehabilitation techniques to achieve normal spinal alignment relative to gravity. The popular and proven chiropractic system is available today in Lakewood, Colorado from the experienced team at Renew Chiropractic. Request a free consultation today by phone at 720-493-5885.