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Bulging Disk


A herniated (slipped) disk occurs when all or part of a disk in the spine is forced through a weakened part of the disk. This may place pressure on nearby nerves.

If you are not getting better, your surgeon will recommend a course of treatment. Treatment for radiculopathy starts with nonsurgical options.

Chiropractic Care. Through Chiropractic BioPhysics – the most researched, scientific, and results-oriented technique – we are able to restore your spine back to its normal curve, alleviating painful and dangerous nerve interference. The result is a healthy, vibrant, and a pain-free you!

Soft Collars. Soft collars allow the muscles of the neck to rest and limit neck motion. This can help decrease pinching of nerve roots with movement. Soft collars should only be worn for short periods of time, because long-term wear can decrease the strength of neck muscles.


When any nerve root in the cervical spine is irritated through compression or inflammation, the symptoms can radiate along that nerve’s pathway into the arm and hand. The patient’s specific cervical radiculopathy symptoms will depend primarily on which nerve is affected. The symptoms may also be referred to as radicular pain.

Cervical nerves exit the cervical spine (neck) at each level, C1 – C7, (nerves in the neck exit above the designated vertebral level at all levels except the last one; C8 exits below C7 vertebra) and then branch out to supply muscles that enable the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers to function. They also carry sensory fibers to the skin and muscles that provide sensation.

Neck PAIN?

Neck pain can be a direct result of misalignments in your neck, which can be caused by poor posture, automobile or workplace accidents, or sports injuries. Neck Pain is a growing epidemic, effecting more and more Americans every year. Neck pain contributes to a wide range of health problems, which if left untreated, can cause dysfunction to vital organs.

Most people suffering from neck pain have trouble sleeping at night, turning their head, backing up a vehicle, see dramatic change in their emotional well-being, have bouts with headaches and migraines, constantly feel tired and fatigue, and no longer enjoy the things that they once looked forward to.

Unfortunately, the majority of neck pain suffers are learning to “deal” with the problem, rather than get to the root cause of the pain and fixing it permanently. Patients resort to taking pain medication, buy expensive pillows and mattresses, try massage and acupuncture, postpone vacations / road trips, and plan their lives around their neck pain. This should not be the case!

We can help you eliminate your Cervical Radiculopathy / Neck pain from its source and put you on the road to health again. Call our Lakewood Chiropractic office at 720-493-5885.


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