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X-Ray Facts Every Scoliosis Patient Should Know

Scoliosis patients are very familiar with x-rays. Some scoliosis patients even come to dread scoliosis x-rays. They’ve seen their condition deteriorate with each x-ray. And, they’re worried about being exposed to too much radiation. It’s easy to see why some scoliosis patients don’t want to have more x-rays taken.

The fears scoliosis patients have with x-rays are typically unfounded. These fears are certainly not a valid reason to avoid further scoliosis treatment. At Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood, Dr. Jumper uses x-rays to measure and quantify the results of treatment. X-rays give our team an inside look, allowing us to track the natural progress of treatment. X-rays allow us to deliver chiropractic care with a high level of precision. They tell us the exact amount of force to be applied to the patient during treatment.

Modern X-Ray Technology is Exceptionally Safe

X-rays deliver less radiation to the body than you probably realize. According to a study published in the Journal of Radiology, scoliosis patients experience lower doses of radiation in comparison with other types of radiographic examinations.

Many studies on x-ray radiation and scoliosis date from the early 20th century – yet they’re still erroneously cited today. One study published in Spine, for example, found that patients with scoliosis who received 50 or more x-rays were four times more likely to die from breast cancer. This study, however, analyzed patient data from 1912 to 1965. During this time, standard x-rays were taken at 0.6 centigray (cGy), which means patients were exposed to higher levels of radiation. Modern medical imagine technology produces more accurate x-rays with just a fraction of that magnitude, exposing patients to just 0.02 cGy per x-ray, or 30 times less than in the past. In order words, you’d need to be exposed to 1500 x-rays to achieve the same level of exposure. Furthermore, pediatric x-rays are shot with an even lower level of magnitude.

Positioning is Particularly Important for Scoliosis Patients

When taking a precision x-ray, the positioning of the x-ray is particularly important. A precision x-ray is designed to measure the position of the spinal units. Even a slight rotation off from center will skew the results and produce an inaccurate image. That’s why chiropractic clinics often use a special device to assure accurate findings – the x-ray data collected by another clinic – say, to check for fractures and abnormalities – may not produce adequate data.

Ultimately, x-rays allow Dr. Jumper and the team at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood to provide superior patient care. X-rays are a critical part of scoliosis treatment. They can play an enormous role in relieving scoliosis symptoms and managing your condition in the long-term. Schedule a free scoliosis exam and consultation with Dr. Jason Jumper today and learn to manage scoliosis with no surgery, no drugs, and no pain.