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The Science

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Renew Chiropractic specializes in testing services. Our skilled technicians use the Science Based Nutrition program to examine your blood and other fluids for nutritional strengths and weaknesses. This science-based approach is becoming increasingly popular at chiropractic clinics across America. Using advanced tests and analysis, healthcare professionals can equip patients with the tools needed to reverse imbalances and put you on the path towards a healthier future.

First, no general screening test is more effective than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. A blood test allows the healthcare provider to view at-a-glance information about your health and wellness. Through the Science Based Nutrition program, we can also analyze nutritional strengths and weaknesses through an individual’s hair, urine, and stool samples. The end result is a clearer picture for your holistic treatment going forward.

The Danger of a “Normal Range” Blood Test

When you receive a blood test, you might see that you’re within the “normal range”. That sounds good – but it’s not always as good as you might think.

Just because you’re within the normal range doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Instead, normal ranges are determined based on people taking tests from a particular lab. There’s no centralized agency that determines what a “normal range” may be.

Typically, a lab will take a sample of 100 to 200 patients from different demographics, then average those results. If you’re in the middle of this sample size, then you’re considered to be in the normal range.

There’s one big issue here: the people undergoing blood tests are not representative of the general population. The people who visit a clinic for a blood test may already be suffering from health problems. You’re comparing your blood sample to people who are already experiencing symptoms of illness. That’s why the “normal range” concept is flawed.

Visit a Chiropractor to Receive Usable Information from your Next Blood Test

Our chiropractic care clinic can provide helpful information based on your blood sample. We’ll do more than tell you whether or not you’re considered “normal range”; our advanced testing equipment can provide detailed breakdowns of the biomarkers within your blood and what they mean.

Chiropractic care is based on the idea that our body is an integrated system. Instead of targeting one specific part of your body, chiropractors take a holistic approach. Our testing services allow us to provide better patient care. It’s ideal for patients who want customized treatment catered specifically to their unique biomarkers.

Schedule a free consultation with Renew Chiropractic and discover how a blood test can illuminate crucial information about your own health and wellness. Call 720-493-5885 to setup your free consultation.

See health disclaimer.

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