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Science Based Nutrition Testing & Vitamin Level Analysis

One blood test. Thousands of insights.
Get actionable info to achieve optimal health. No clinic visit required.

A Science Based Nutrition test can reveal the path to your optimal health:

1) At-Home Test: We send you a testing kit. You provide a painless sample, then mail your kit to the lab.

2) Lab Analysis: A trained health professional analyzes your test results, then turns these results into actionable insights.

3) Full Report & Consultation: You receive a detailed report with actionable advice for optimal health based on your unique physiology.

One simple at-home test can analyze your body in unique, never-before-seen ways. Which supplements should you take? Which diets work best for you? Which strategies can you implement today to optimize your health?

Provide a blood, urine, or hair simple using our painless at-home test kit. Ship it to our lab, and you’ll get actionable results within weeks.

Not in Denver? That’s okay! Renew Chiropractic offers remote Science Based Nutrition consultations to patients across the United States. Schedule a consultation today.

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One Powerful Test for Unforgettable Health Insight

Have you ever wondered why diets work for some people but not others?

Or why some supplements benefit some people but not others?

Science Based Nutrition is helping us answer these questions.

Using Science Based Nutrition, thousands of patients across the United States have learned crucial information about their physiology. A SBN test analyzes your blood, hair, and urine for biomarkers, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and more.

After your blood is tested at a certified lab, a trained health professional will analyze the results. The results are packaged into a comprehensive report filled with actionable information about your health and wellness.

The end result? Patients like you can get extraordinary insight into achieving their optimal health without ever leaving their home.

With a painless at-home test, you can discover crucial information about how your body works:

  • How healthy you really are today
  • Early warning signs of future health problems
  • Which diseases you have today or are at-risk of developing in the future
  • Which supplements are working – and which ones are not
  • Which diet to follow for optimal health
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Who It’s For

Science Based Nutrition can deliver valuable health insights to anyone ages 2 to 102. Whether young or old, you can gain actionable insight into your optimal health.

  • Some people take a Science Based Nutrition test because they feel ‘off’. Your doctor may have told you that you’re perfectly healthy, for example, but something still feels wrong.
  • Other people take an SBN test because they want to optimize their health and wellness. They already feel healthy – but they want to continue that positive momentum armed with detailed insight into their health.
  • Others are frustrated by a lack of results from traditional diets, supplements, or drugs. Traditional pharmaceuticals may not be delivering results. A diet may not be working. Supplements may not be having their intended effects.

Whether healthy or sick, young or old, a Science Based Nutrition test can answer crucial questions about your body.

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Traditional Blood Tests Have One Big Problem

You may have already taken a blood and urine test during your last physical. So what makes a Science Based Nutrition test different?

Well, traditional blood tests have one big problem.

With a traditional test, your blood, urine, and hair samples are compared to a ‘Normal Range’. If you are within that Normal Range, then your doctor will tell you that you are ‘normal’.

However, being ‘normal’ does not necessarily mean being healthy.

The Problem With Normal Ranges: The problem lies in how ‘Normal Ranges’ are calculated. A Normal Range is calculated by looking at the last 100 to 200 people who went through that same test. The people who take blood tests, however, are typically taking the blood test for a specific reason. They may not be perfectly healthy. The normal range is calculated from a pool of people who already have health problems.

In other words, the Normal Range is based off of the results of people who may already be sick. That’s why your results could be in the middle of this Normal Range even if you’re not healthy.

Why Science Based Nutrition Testing is Different

With a Science Based Nutrition test, your results are not compared against a group of unhealthy people.

Instead, your test results are customized based on your unique physiology. Each Science Based Nutrition test is different. Some patients will undergo blood, urine, and hair analysis. Others simply need a blood test to answer crucial questions.

With Science Based Nutrition testing, your tests are customized to your needs. Your results are entirely your own. You’re not being compared to a broader pool of people with different physiologies. You’re unique – and you should be treated like it.

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What to Expect from a Science Based Nutrition Test

We’ve helped hundreds of patients across the United States undergo Science Based Nutrition testing. Here’s what to expect from your SBN test:

Step 1) Consultation: Dr. Jason Jumper will conduct your consultation online, over the phone, or in-person. Based on your consultation, Dr. Jumper will determine the best tests to take.

Step 2) At-Home Testing: We mail the SBN testing kit to your home. The testing kit includes everything you need to provide us with a blood, urine, or hair sample, including detailed instructions for painless at-home testing.

Step 3) Mail the Kit to Our Lab: Your SBN testing kit is now ready to be mailed to our lab.

Step 4) Lab Testing: Our licensed laboratory analyzes your samples.

Step 5) Analysis: A certified health professional checks your results, then packages the information into a report. A copy of the report is sent to you and to Dr. Jumper.

Step 6) Discussion and Recommendations: Dr. Jumper schedules a consultation to discuss your report. Dr. Jumper will make specific recommendations, including the practical changes you can start making today for better health and wellness. Your SBN report is yours to keep for life. Reference the test regularly to ensure you’re maintaining optimal health.

Discover Surprising Insights About Your Health

Many people are surprised what they can discover with a Science Based Nutrition test:

  • Which diet works best for you
  • The best supplements to take
  • How to get a better sleep
  • Dietary deficiencies, including vitamin or mineral deficiencies
  • Which symptoms are normal or abnormal for your age
  • Types of diseases you may be at a higher risk of developing
  • What you are doing right or wrong

Much of Science Based Nutrition revolves around nutritional healthcare and vitamin level testing, for example. Your test will check your blood, urine, and hair to determine any vitamin deficiencies. You may have felt ‘off’ for years simply because you weren’t getting enough zinc, for example.

Science Based Nutrition can help uncover the secret to optimal health and wellness. It explains the best strategies you can implement today. It can also reveal why certain strategies have not worked in the past.

Get Nutrition &  Health Coaching to Achieve Optimal Health

Ultimately, the goal of Science Based Nutrition is to provide you with the advice you need to achieve optimal health.

You get a unique test that delivers personalized, customized insights into your physiology. You also get trained professionals – like our own Dr. Jason Jumper – who can walk you through those results and explain exactly what they mean.

Let nutrition and health coaching take your health to the next level.

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