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Low Back Pain Q and A

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Q: What is Low Back Pain?

A: The low back is the region behind the belly from the rib cage to the pelvis and is called the lumbar spine. Back pain is a major cause of missed work. Low back pain is commonly the result of a strain injury.


Q: What are Low Back Symptoms?

A: Low back symptoms range from sharp and stabbing to a dull ache. The pains can be constant or intermittent and positional.


Q: What is Acute Low Back Pain?

A: Appears suddenly after an injury.


Q: What is Chronic Low Back Pain?

A: Chronic low back pain is defined as pain lasting more than 2 weeks. Consult a doctor if you have prolonged back pain that lasts longer than 72 hours.

Q: What are Symptoms that require urgent care?

A: Severe back pain after an injury should be evaluated by a doctor. Warning signals or signs of a more serious injury include pain with coughing or sneezing, loss of control of the bowls or bladder, new leg weakness and fever. These additional symptoms require medical evaluation.activities cause disc injury


Q: Is my Back Pain a muscle stain or Sciatica?

A: Back pain that occurs after excessive exercise or heavy lifting is frequently a strain injury. However, occasionally these activities cause disc injury and rupture or herniation. When a herniated disc irritates the Sciatic Nerve it can cause pain that radiates down the leg, back and buttock to the leg. This pain is referred to as Sciatica


Q: What causes Back Pain?

A: A job or task that involves pushing, pulling, lifting or twisting with the low back can cause injury and low back pain. Even prolonged sitting can cause lower back pain.


Q: Can carrying a heavy bag cause Back Pain?

A: Yes! Carrying an overstuffed purse or handbag can strain your low back. If you must carry a heavy load, consider using a wheeled briefcase instead.


Q: Can my posture cause Back Pain?

A: The back provides optimal support when we stand properly and do not slouch. Sitting with proper support for the low back can prevent low back pain. Proper balance on the feet when standing can also minimize the risk of developing low back pain while up.


Q: What is a herniated disc?

A: The vertebrae or bony structure of the spine are cushioned in between gel-like discs. These discs can degenerate with aging and are prone to injury as a result.


Q: Who’s at risk for Back Pain?

A: People develop low back pain first often in the third and fourth decade of life. The risk of low back pain increases with age.

Q: How is Low Back Pain Diagnosed?

A: Your description of your back pain is very important for your chiropractor to diagnose your condition properly. It can be helpful to note when and where the back pain began, and what activities you do, related symptoms and other medical conditions. Other tools your chiropractor may use to assess your condition include X-ray, CT scans and MRI scans.


Q: What can I do at home for my back pain?

A: If you just had an injury use ice. If your pain is longer than 72 hours use heat.


Q: Should I do bed rest when I have Back Pain?

A: Doctors often recommend continuing your usual activities of daily living as soon as possible. More recent studies that strict bed rest can often prolong or worsen los back pain.

Q: How can I prevent Low Back Pain?

A: Steps to lower your risk of back pain as you age include exercising regularly (and not irregularly), maintain a healthy weight, lifting with your legs and not he low back and optimize your work station.


Q: Suffering from Low Back Pain? Looking for the most qualified Back Pain specialist to help eliminate your pain for good?

A: If so, the most cost effective, pain-less and permanent solution that poses no complications or side effects should be a correctic care or Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) Doctor.


Q: Have you tried almost everything and you still have back pain?

A: Dr. Jason Jumper at Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood, CO is offering a Free consultation for all back pain sufferers. If you or anyone you love is suffering from Low Back Pain and may be considering back surgery, please contact Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood, CO for a complmentary appointment today! Call 720-493-5885

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