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Home Remedies for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, is an unfortunate part of life for many Americans. Do you regularly feel tingling or numbness in your hands or arms? If so, then you may have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fortunately, there are a number of strategies to limit the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Something as simple as taking breaks and relaxing your grip can reduce the pain, numbness, and tingling of carpal tunnel syndrome, for example. Keep reading to discover some of the common home remedies you can use to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.

Take a Break

Carpal tunnel syndrome is often caused by repetitive activities, including typing on a keyboard, playing a musical instrument like a guitar, or operating hand tools like a drill. If you regularly use your hands for these activities or other activities, then you may want to take a break. Make taking a break a habit. Set a timer for every 15 to 30 minutes. Get up. Wiggle your hands and fingers. Use your hands for another task. Stretch your entire body. By performing repetitive tasks over and over again, you may be making carpal tunnel syndrome worse. Taking breaks can help significantly.

Use a Softer Touch

Some people will notice the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome flare up quickly after they start using their hands. If you notice CTS symptoms start immediately, then you may be using too much force. Some people naturally strike a keyboard key with too much force, for example. Try lightening your touch and using less force. Consciously press down more lightly with each movement. Sometimes, a tactic as simple as this can drastically reduce CTS symptoms. In other cases, you may want to buy a new keyboard, a new hand tool, or a new version of whatever else is causing you discomfort.

Warm Your Hands and Fingers

Cold hands and fingers may worsen carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms. Cold hands and fingers can be stiff, and this stiffness can make CTS even worse. Some people frequently complain about having cold hands and fingers throughout the day – say, when using a keyboard. Consider using fingerless gloves or keeping a space heater nearby. If your hands are cold when performing repetitive tasks throughout the day, then you may make CTS symptoms worse.

Reduce Inflammation with Over the Counter Medication

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by inflammation within the carpal tunnel of your wrist. Sometimes, taking over the counter medication – like ibuprofen or aspirin – can reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Apply Topical Pain Relief

If you don’t want to take OTC pain medication, or if you want an extra boost of CTS symptom relief, then consider applying topical pain relief products. Topical menthol, for example, can reduce pain and other CTS symptoms when applied to your hands, wrist, and arms. One study published in Rehabilitation Research and Practice in 2014 found that workers in slaughterhouses suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome were able to enjoy significant relief from chronic pain and CTS using topical menthol. Workers using topical menthol noticed enhanced mobility and reduced pain compared with a placebo group.

Visit a Chiropractor for Long-Term Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief

Most serious cases of carpal tunnel syndrome will require a visit with a medical specialist. Thousands of Americans visit chiropractors every year to seek relief from carpal tunnel syndrome.

The strategies above may help you temporarily manage your CTS discomfort, but chiropractors may be able to provide long-term relief.

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to treating your carpal tunnel syndrome. Instead of seeing CTS as a problem localized to your wrist and hand, chiropractors examine other body systems to identify the root of the problem.

At Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood, Colorado, we carefully diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome to determine the exact location of nerve impairment. Our skilled team uses specific tests and movement screens to isolate where the symptoms originate.

After identifying the location of nerve impairment, we can start using exercises to target the issue. Specific treatments can include Active Release Technique, Chiropractic Biophysics, Pettibon, and ChiroMetrex Exercises, all of which can improve the movement of the nerve and remove nerve compression in the wrist.

Schedule a free consultation with Renew Chiropractic in Lakewood, Colorado today to determine how you may be able to enjoy long-term relief from the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.