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Avoiding Auto Accidents Injuries and Whiplash

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Auto Minimizing the Effects of Whiplash Car Accident Injuries in Lakewood, CO

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Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to prevent a car accident. However, there are always steps you can take to reduce damage from a car accident. By taking certain precautionary steps, you may be able to minimize whiplash damage. The steps you take today could even save your life.

Here are five ways to minimize pain and suffering before, during, and after a car accident that causes whiplash:

Buy a Safer Car

Choose a vehicle with a high safety rating. Compare vehicles based on their structural design, size and weight, seatbelt systems, airbags, head restraints, automatic braking, and crash avoidance features.

In general, small cars put you at the greatest risk. However, certain larger cars – like boxy SUVs – can have poor rollover performance, which means they’re more likely to roll in the event of a collision or sudden turn.

Check Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) ratings to discover the cars with the safest seats, seatbelt systems, airbags, and head restraints. All car manufacturers design seats to minimize whiplash injuries, but some car manufacturers take it more seriously than others. Volvo and Saab, for example, are known as particularly safety-focused vehicle manufacturers.

Keep Head Restraints Up and in Proper Position

Head restraints can reduce whiplash-related damage by 10% to 20% during a car accident. However, head restraints only work when used properly. Research shows that having no head restraint is actually safer than having a head restraint in a low position. Take a few seconds to adjust the head restraint the next time you’re driving your vehicle. If you’re particularly tall or short, then you might have to purchase an add-on head restraint.

Generally speaking, the head restraint should be at least level with the top of your head. You should also position the head restraint so it’s as close to the back of your head as possible. You may need to adjust the back of your seat to do this.

Prepare for the Crash

Crashes can happen in the span of a few seconds. However, there are certain steps you can take to prepare for an impending crash, including:

  1. Put your head and your neck all the way back so they’re in contact with the seat and your (properly-adjusted) head restraint
  2. Straight arm the steering wheel and get a good grip
  3. Put your foot on the brake as hard as you can
  4. Look straight ahead and avoid looking in the rearview mirror (you don’t want your head to be turned at all)
  5. Put your neck back slightly so your eyes are looking level at about the top of the windshield
  6. Scrunch your shoulders up towards your ears, then brace

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Seek medical treatment immediately following the car accident – even if you have no apparent damage. Aside from treating your immediate physical damage, visit a chiropractor within at least two weeks of the accident. The sooner a chiropractor can analyze your spine, the sooner the healing process can start.

Remember that Even Minor Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

Something as simple as a low-speed fender bender can have permanent, lifelong effects on your body. When left untreated, these injuries can lead to serious and painful symptoms. Symptoms may not appear for months or even years after the accident. When in doubt, speak with a medical professional.

For a free consultation with Lakewood’s leading chiropractor, call 720-493-5885. As an award-winning chiropractor, Dr. Jumper and our team can help patients get back on their feet after experiencing whiplash from a car accident.

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"I first started going to Dr. Jumper after a car accident. He took such good care of my conditions I couldn't be more thankful. I am always treated with extreme respect by a very friendly staff, and my condition has improved significantly in the time that I have spent with this professional. He is very accommodating, courteous, responsive, and skilled. I've already recommended this business to many of my friends, and will continue to do so, as this is one of the better medical experiences I have experienced. Five stars!"

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